COVID-19: it’s freezing outside, but you still need to open your windows

In the depths of February, it’s not in many of our natures to open the window to let in the cold air of a northern hemisphere winter. But with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing and new variants on the rise, good ventilation is in an important method to stop the spread of infection in […]

Differences between Covid19 vaccines

by JV Chamary Researchers have been racing to develop potential drugs that could help end the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There are currently around 200 vaccine candidates and about a quarter passed preclinical tests and are now undergoing clinical trials. What’s the difference between the various candidate vaccines? A pie chart of candidates can be cut several ways. […]

The Toxic Truth About Commercial Perfumes

The reason fragrance companies got away with selling toxic products for so long is that they are not legally required to list their ingredients on the labels. Regulations have made it legal to keep their ingredients undisclosed by simply disguising them under the term “fragrance”. In fact, a company can legally use over 400 ingredients under the single term to “protect” their trade formulas. Although there may be some credibility to protecting a company’s formula, it should not be done at the expense of the end user’s health.

Why People Don’t Trust Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine.

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?
Michael Shermer, a famous skeptic, was forced to admit that one of the reasons is that some of them are true. In his research he found that the fact that some conspiracy theories are real feeds people’s suspicion and makes them susceptible to the belief in others that are far less credible.

Elephant in the Room: Allergic Reactions to Cosmetics

Woman getting Make up done

It is estimated that on average, women are using at least seven types of cosmetic each day and allergic reactions to these cosmetic products are quite common. The range of cosmetics is vast, so the pool of allergens is infinitely huge. The groups of allergens that appear to most frequently cause cosmetic allergy are fragrances, preservatives, and paraphenylenediamine (PPD) found in hair dyes.