Ads All Tell Us To Kill Our Future. Worth Discussing? – by Lee Camp

Lee Camp

Only true revolutionary change will create a sustainable future. But each of these smaller actions is an ideological wisp that can make up gale force change. They are the droplets that fill a raging river of awakening. Those small steps are the reminders that you and I live in the Matrix™, in a false reality — an inverted moral universe — that rewards consumerism, selfishness, greed, and war while scoffing at minimalism, altruism, and peace. Those small reminders help us step outside the garbage virtual reality. They are small victories, they are small voices whispering that we are human, we are more than our economic system, we are nature.

How Alamos Gold and others are plundering Turkey

Destroyed Kaz Mountains in Turkey by Alamos Gold

With its ancient forests, plains hosting a wide array of flora and endemic species, Mount Ida (Kaz Daglari) is known as Turkey’s one of the most important natural spots. For centuries, the climate and geography it enjoys have been ideal for farming and agriculture. Yet Mount Ida in particular and the Biga Peninsula in general have been opened up for mining activities to Alamos Gold. In a world in which people invest heavily in or buy gold and silver, mining is a lucrative if destructive business.

Is lab-grown meat good news for animals?

Chicken Farm

The prospect of cultured meat taking a share of the global meat industry sounds, on the face of it, like good news. Today’s meat industry is hellish for the tens of billions of animals (trillions, including fish) it kills annually and is an environmental disaster.

Biden Must Take a Leadership Role Against Wildlife Crime

Joseph Biden was elected to office as the world continues to struggle with a global pandemic that has killed more than a million people and wreaked devastating economic havoc. The pandemic has highlighted how humankind’s abuse of our planet and the irreversible loss of the biodiversity and ecosystem services upon which we all rely for our very existence simply can’t go on.

India: Pesticide Takeover Spells Trouble for Bees

When the history of the insect collapse of the early 21st century comes to be written, it is likely that failure to implement adequate corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices will be blamed. In a recent example, in September when a consortium led by Japanese giant Mitsui Corporation announced its acquisition of Indian pesticide manufacturer Bharat […]

Following a t-shirt from cotton field to landfill shows the true cost of fast fashion

Following a t-shirt from cotton field to landfill shows the true cost of fast fashion Africa Studio/Shutterstock Mark Sumner, University of Leeds With many shops closed due to pandemic restrictions, Black Friday 2020 might have looked different from the frantic buying sprees of years past. But one thing remained the same: the relentless pace of […]

Can countries end overfishing and plastic pollution in just 10 years?

Pollution, plastics and unsustainable seafood may look like isolated problems, but they influence each other. As nutrients run off farmland and into the sea, they affect the conditions fish need to thrive. Pollution makes our seafood less healthy and overfishing is pushing some fish stocks beyond their capacity to renew themselves.

How green is your Christmas tree?

There’s no way around the fact that Christmas has a large carbon footprint, from the travelling we do to the presents we give and the large amounts of food we eat. But it is possible to at least reduce the negative impacts. With climate change and carbon dioxide levels now major sources of concern, surely it […]