10 Future Technological Advances That Will Shape The Next Decade

Artical big image section Advances in many technology-driven fields are on the cusp of maturity. In a decade, several of them will likely be accepted as part of our everyday lives. They will influence how we live, work and entertain ourselves. Most will be promoted by businesses first, which will then lead to acceptance by […]

Nuclear War, Capitalism, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

by Caitlin Johnstone – The life of every terrestrial organism is being threatened with the steadily growing possibility of nuclear war because after the fall of the USSR a few imperialists decided that US unipolar hegemony needs to be maintained at all cost.

I’m growing a uniquely deep hatred for people who scoff at me for saying that nuclear war is a real risk. There’s no basis whatsoever for the belief that what the US empire is doing with Russia and China is safe. Your source is your own cognitive dissonance with the subject.

Let’s Be Absolutely Clear What’s At Stake In The Assange Case

Julian Assange

by Caitlin Johnstone – If the US succeeds in normalizing the legality of extraditing any journalist anywhere in the world who exposes its wrongdoing, there will be a worldwide cooling effect on national security journalism which will greatly impede humanity’s ability to form a lucid and unobstructed understanding of what’s going on in the world. The largest power structure on earth will have succeeded in not just turning the lights off in the room, but in uninstalling the light switch.