Elephant in the Room: Allergic Reactions to Cosmetics

Woman getting Make up done

It is estimated that on average, women are using at least seven types of cosmetic each day and allergic reactions to these cosmetic products are quite common. The range of cosmetics is vast, so the pool of allergens is infinitely huge. The groups of allergens that appear to most frequently cause cosmetic allergy are fragrances, preservatives, and paraphenylenediamine (PPD) found in hair dyes.

Yet Another Major Escalation In Establishment Internet Censorship

Social Media

by Caitlin Johnstone – A massive escalation beyond previous online censorship protocols to begin censoring people simply because they are wrong. People are allowed to be wrong. A free society allows people the right to voice wrong beliefs because the only alternative is creating a monolithic Ministry of Truth which has authority over what the right and wrong beliefs are.

Is lab-grown meat good news for animals?

Chicken Farm

The prospect of cultured meat taking a share of the global meat industry sounds, on the face of it, like good news. Today’s meat industry is hellish for the tens of billions of animals (trillions, including fish) it kills annually and is an environmental disaster.

You Have No Obligation To Conform To A Wildly Sick Society

conforming to society

by Caitlin Johnstone – “The madness of our society gives you permission to turn away from its doctrines and expectations. When everyone’s dropping dead after drinking from the punch bowl, you are allowed to take a pass on the Kool-Aid. When the people standing in line for the ride are coming out the other end as ground mince meat, you have permission to jump the fence and go elsewhere.”